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Billions of Ellepots are produced world-wide annually.

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Ellepots...have you switched…yet?

  • $ave money
  • root faster
  • root out faster
  • plant faster
  • rewet easier
  • hold longer
  • choose your mix
  • require less water than foam systems
  • out perform all other systems
  • many sizes available from 20 to 120mm

Developed in Denmark, the Ellegaard substrate machine vacuum-fills the patented, air, water, root permeable, degradable Ellepot sleeve, preventing damage to the media while assuring uniformity from top to bottom. Ellepots are bathed in oxygen, exactly what’s needed to produce strong roots quickly. The result is a quick, consistent method for rooting cuttings in a wide variety of media. Ellepots plant faster, even tender rooted plants are quickly handled without damage by grasping the paper edge of the Ellepot. That’s the Ellepot edge!

NEW JUMBO Ellepots are ideal for landscape plantings or whenever pots are not required. There are no pots or cell packs to collect or throwaway at the job site, the planting goes much more quickly.

The “green” aspect of JUMBO Ellepots is appealing to consumers as well. Why buy pots if you don’t need them? JUMBO Ellepots of 80mm are the equivalent of a 4” pot and fit readily into any 4” pot carrier tray. A retail recyclable tote/carrier can even give customers mix and match capability

BUY Ellepots already made, in the trays, ready to go, or make them on-site with your own, easy to operate Ellegaard machine.

For more information contact us through our form or call (800) 874-8660. You can also link to the Ellegaard home page at www.ellepot.dk. In Canada contact www.amaplas.com to buy ready-made Ellepots

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