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GreenCare started a revolution in the fertilizer industry when it introduced its blends incorporating calcium, magnesium and complete minor elements.

Finely Ground

GreenCare takes the time and effort to finely grind all its fertilizers so they are completely uniform, bag-to-bag, and within the bag. The fine grind also makes them instantly water soluble, even in cold water.

Separate the Salts

GreenCare separates the fertilizer salts so there are 2 bags within each bag of finely ground GreenCare. This prevents the fertilizer from absorbing water and becoming a slurry or from turning into a “brick” that must be broken apart before being added to your stock tank. GreenCare’s fine blends have a much longer “fresh” shelf life than do brand X.

Bulk blended products are also available for economy pricing.

*Fact: GreenCare was first to blend a feed especially for plugs, PlugCarePLUS and the first to offer a pH neutral feed, 17-5-17-3Ca-1Mg.

Custom Blends

GreenCare can also custom blend a fertilizer to exactly fit your production situation and methods. GreenCare is a high-quality water-soluble fertilizer to help you grow a quality crop.

Water Soluble Formulas

  • 13-2-13-6Ca-3Mg PlugCarePLUS
  • 13-2-13-7Ca-3Mg (low ammonium)
  • 13-2-13-10Ca-1Mg (high calcium)
  • 17-5-17-3Ca-1Mg (pH neutral) stops pH yo-yo syndrome
  • 15-3-20-3Ca-1Mg
  • 18-3-18-6Ca
  • 13-4-20-4Ca-3Mg (low light poinsettia)
  • 15-3-16-3Ca-2Mg (high light poinsettia)
  • 12-4-12-6Ca-3Mg (pansy special)
  • 13-3-15 (pure water orchid formula) — The original pure water formula
  • 19-4-23 (well water orchid formula) — The original well water formula
  • 15-4-17 (South Florida orchid formula)
  • 11-7-23 (Cyclamen formula)
  • Standard Formulas (20-10-20, 9-45-15, 14-0-14, etc. also available.
  • Custom formulations

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GreenCare = Nutrition Rx

Rely on GreenCare and Blackmore as your prescription nutrition source. We have more formulas that contain calcium, magnesium and phosphorous than any other company. If these formulas don't meet your needs exactly, we will custom-formulate one that does.

Soil Nutrient Formulations

  • 4-13-14-6Ca-3M
  • 6-9-9-11Ca-1Mg
  • 3-5-12-6Ca-1Mg with wetting agent
  • Custom formulas also available
Greencare Seplex

Seplex-L Organic Acid

GreenCare’s Sequestered Complexing Liquid (SEPLEX-L) does much more than just lower alkalinity and pH levels. It makes nutrients more available to plants for better growth without adding anything to the system, as do sulfuric or phosphoric acids.

Safe to Work With

Seplex is totally safe to work with, won’t “burn” a hole in your clothing or require that special aprons be worn. Anyone can work with it. GreenCare’s Seplex may be added to fertilizer/fertigation stock tanks at any time.

Other benefits to using this formula:

  • Non-hazardous acid for lowering pH and alkalinity.
  • Doesn't add sulfur, phosphorous, nitrogen to your system.
  • Can be mixed with any fertilizer in the same stock tank

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