The New Shipping Systems
Distributed by the Blackmore Company

New Cradle Shipping System

The Blackmore Company is the exclusive distributor for this reusable plug shipping/handling cradle system developed by one of the leading plug growers in the world. Two sizes are available. The three inch deep cradle handles shorter plugs (512, 200, 128 etc) and the six inch deep cradle accepts taller plugs and liners (105, 72, 2 x 51 etc.). The heavy-duty plastic (HDPE #2) cradles reverse to nest, saving on return shipping costs. Built-in hand holds make the cradles easy to handle, and stacking stripes permit quick orientation for nesting or stacking. The three inch model nests 3:1; the six inch model compresses 2 ½:1. Cradles fit two stacks on a pallet, three plug trays per cradle. A special plastic base pallet keeps cradles in position during shipment.

Custom colors available. Contact us for more information.