The name Blackmore is synonymous with plug trays and plug production. From the small cell 800 count to the 50 Square, the Common Element (CE) trays, to the exclusive Punch ‘n Gro™ series, Blackmore makes a plug tray to fulfill your production requirements.

Blackmore has the trays to get you growing!

Blackmore readies product for pallet/bulk or by the box shipment via Trailer-load, LTL, UPS, FedEx or ocean conatainer. We also have contract carriers that make full drop shipments to selected areas of the country.

Blackmore BIG BLACK BAGS may be used to cover bulk pallets allowing customers to store products outside, protecting them from the elements, thus saving warehouse space and money by taking delivery in the off-season or pre-season. Specify BBBB when placing your order.

To avoid confusion, Blackmore often uses the name and size of the trays to describe them rather than type of code. In most cases our trays are made of recyclable polystyrene, the exception being the Web flats.

Where letters are used here is the legend:

F = Flat - the carrying tray required for most packs/inserts, made from recyclable high-impact plystyrene.

NR = No Rib - no support rib(s) in the senter or side of the tray so any matching outside dimension will fill into it.

P = Pack - sometimes referred to as "insert", placed in the flat/carrying tray.

T = True - 10 inch X 20 inch, or industry standard.

W = Web type - injection molded flat, typically made of polypropylene or polythylene and often re-used by growers or consumers.

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