The name Blackmore is synonymous with plug trays and plug production. From the small cell 800 count to the 36 "Square", the Common Element (CE) trays, to the exclusive Punch ‘n Gro™ series, Blackmore makes a plug tray to fulfill your production requirements.

The Blackmore Company has been making plastic horticulture growing trays since 1966 and we make a full (and ever expanding) line of flats and packs (inserts) for nearly every application or requirement. If you don't see it here, let us know; we may be starting to tool exactly what you are seeking, or would be glad to discuss your specific needs to discover what we can do to fulfill your specifications. Samples are always available!

Blackmore has the trays to get you growing!

Because Blackmore is the manufacturer, you can be sure the price will be competitive. Blackmore can fill any order from one box, to one pallet, to one or more trailer loads. We ship anywhere in the world. Prices vary with the time of year (summer, fall and winter), resin costs, and quantity ordered (discounts start at 5000 trays). Typically summer prices (May thru Sept.) are lowest. Some trays may not be available all year round.

Plugs are typically packaged 100/cs or 1600 per pallet. Punch ‘n Gro™ trays are normally packaged 80/cs or 1440/pallet, bulk, or 1280/pallet boxes. All plug trays are made of recyclable #6 polystyrene.

Click from the list of tray links above to go to the tray listing page where you may click on the tray to see an image.

You may also request tray sample(s), but we ask that you fill out a questionnaire with more information about the size of your greenhouse operation to receive sample(s) if you are not already a Blackmore customer.

We are constantly bringing new products on line, so if you don’t see it here give us a call. We might be starting to tool the tray(s) you need or be in a position to work with you to make the tray(s) for your production requirement. Blackmore can tool the tray you need for your high quality Ellepot or other type of liner production.

You may also go to the new products page for a listing of the newest trays.

Blackmore readies product for pallet/bulk or by the box shipment via Trailer-load, LTL, UPS, FedEx or ocean conatainer. We also have contract carriers that make full drop shipments to selected areas of the country.

Blackmore BIG WHTE BAGS may be used to cover bulk pallets allowing customers to store products outside, protecting them from the elements, thus saving warehouse space and money by taking delivery in the off-season or pre-season. Specify BWB when placing your order.

For more information and availability please contact us.

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