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About The Blackmore Company

About Us

The Blackmore Company has been serving the horticulture industry since 1966 and is the leader in seed sowing equipment and seed sowing technology. The name Blackmore is synonymous with excellence in seed sowing, customer service, and leadership in plug production technology and techniques.

Blackmore makes more than 20 million trays per year and while best known for plug trays, we also make flats, packs/ inserts, specialty growing/shipping trays, landscaper trays and Ellepot propagation/liner trays.

We Have The Trays To Keep You Growing

Blackmore is the exclusive representative in North America for Ellepots and JUMBO Ellepots, the state-of-the-art, patented propagation system developed in Denmark by Ellegaard AS

GreenCare fertilizer products offer growers state-of-the-art custom blended fertilizers, using modern fertilizer chemistry, to help them produce the highest quality crop.

Greenway Seedling Mixes (GSM) and Greenway Ellepot Mixes (GEM) are made by a grower for growers so you can be assured of their quality.

Thank you for visiting the Blackmore web site. We hope you will make it a favorite and return often as we are continuously introducing new products. It should also be a resource for helping you get the most out of your Blackmore equipment through our technical tips section, where we also have parts lists and accessories that are available for your Blackmore machines.

Air Pruning

Blackmore is proud to offer a wide assortment of solutions for air-pruning containers designed for growing any type of tree and shrub. We are continuously developing trays that give the best air pruning thus developing a superior root system. A superior root system for those who want:

  • Faster over all finish (grow time)
  • Faster take-off after transplant
  • Better uniformity
  • Healthy quality tree
  • No girdling roots
  • Better yield
  • Easier to plant (faster = less labor)