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We purchase all our raw materials from selected partners and suppliers under long-term and exclusive contracts based on the special features that give our products their special required characteristics.

All raw materials being used are All Natural, Environmental Friendly and fully degradable. The fine wood fibres used in the Ellepot papers are sourced from responsibly harvested FSC-certified forests.

For our assortment for Ellepot Membranes’ the fibres come from 100% bio-based and renewable resources, and are certified 100% Biodegradable according to the international standards.


Ellepot Quality Control is your security and guarantee that we always supply a fully tested, well-documented, uniform and high-quality propagation paper – all the way from raw material to finished Ellepot Propagation Paper.

The Ellepot quality control system includes stress testing of raw material flexibility, as well as air permeability, resin application and decomposition tests. These tests ensure Ellepot papers and membranes maintain high and uniform quality and meets the requirements of our customers. The Ellepot Quality is essential for our successful ongoing cooperation with our customers, and – importantly – also to support the future development of the Ellepot system.


Using Ellepot paper is your guarantee for a safe environment. A thorough testing and documentation program is forming the basic outline target for all Ellepot Papers. It is not just a paper that will degrade in a requested period of time. Every content and ingredient in the paper is analysed and evaluated.

A 3rd party Microbiologic Laboratory at The Danish Technological Institute conduct a thorough analysis on all our papers. These analyses help us evaluate the impact on the environment.

We also use the well renowned agricultural institute SEGES to evaluate the analyses according to the EC directive 86/278/EEC, on the protection of the environment, and in particular of the soil.

SEGES statement: “The Ellepot papers pose no harm to the environment. The paper pots will decompose in the soil when planted directly in the field soil.”

Ellepot verifies that our products degrade safely and efficiently in an aerobic environment, and confirms that material are not building up in the environment to harmful concentrations before degradation occurs.


The market demands products that biodegrade fully and harmlessly in the environment. Using internationally recognized biodegradable standards, Ellepot verifies that our products degrade safely and efficiently in an aerobic environment, and confirms that material are not building up in the environment to harmful concentrations before degradation occurs.

To support this, Ellepot produce propagation papers and membranes that are 100% biodegradable and made from all-natural and renewable raw materials. Ellepot papers are certified to a range of well-known industry certifications  and standards.

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