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Ellepot Trays

Customized Ellepot Propagation Trays

For more than 15 years, our propagation trays have been an essential component in the Ellepot System. Our knowledge and experience in developing propagation trays, gained from working in close collaboration with Ellepot customers around the world, have resulted in the current range of more than 80 different trays.

All designed for improved production efficiency, optimized handling, increased yield and lower costs of goods produced.

Ellepot ACT Trays


Ellepot Air Circulation Trays (ACT) create the best possible conditions for rooting young plants in Ellepots. With their strong focus on effective cultivation, Ellepot ACT Trays are designed to provide young plants with optimal air circulation and drainage.

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Special Extra Features

ACT Trays offers significant productivity gains. The special individual cell structure and tray design maximizes performance and plant yields, and ensures smooth, uninterrupted runs on the Ellepot machine. There are a host of important additional benefits, too:

  • Designed for automation and transplanting
  • Easy to stack and separate
  • Choice of gloss or matte surface
  • Choice of weights and materials
  • Easy to clean and disinfect for reuse

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