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Blackmore Products & Services

Machines & Automation

The Blackmore Company has all the quality equipment you need for your plant nursery or horticulture business. We carry all types of machines from water-tunnel to 1200 trays per hour precision feeder:

  • H 101
  • H 201
  • H 301
  • NGL
  • EPM 20


Fertilizer is top-of-the-line plant food available at economy pricing! We believe our fertilizers are the best in the industry because they’re:

  • Finely ground, making uniform bag-to-bag
  • Instantly water soluble
  • Longer fresh shelf life than competitors

Punch’n Gro™

This is a brand of our plug trays and equipment that boost your transplanting speed significantly! Using the Blackmore Puncher/Planter with our Punch’n Gro™ trays lets you plant 500+ trays per hour at just a fraction of the cost of traditional transplant machines.


Blackmore has the trays to get you growing! Our company name is tied to plug trays and plug production. We’ve been producing and supplying the industry with plug trays since 1966, and we have built a reputation of excellence and quality in production and service since.

  • Prices vary with time of year, resin costs, and quantity ordered
  • Ship worldwide
  • Plug trays made of recyclable #6 polystyrene

Tech Tips & Parts

This section lets you access information 24/7 about parts and attachments for your Blackmore equipment, and how to troubleshoot and service the equipment. The following are some of the categories in which you can browse for info:

  • Cylinder Seeder
  • Turbo Seeder
  • TopCoater
  • WaterAll
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • CAN-DUIT Seeder


Smarter propagation ensures healthier and faster root development with more uniform plants while improving crop timing and reducing plant shrinking.