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Dribbler - Auto

Dribbler Large
Dribbler With a Wiper

The Blackmore Dribbler has interchangeable plates for sticking, dibbling or drilling Ellepots™.

Universal Drill Plate:

There is also a “universal” plate that allows “drills” to be repositioned for drilling loose-fill baskets, combination planters, etc.


Plant spacing and depth are uniform for less stress, a better quality crop and quicker turn. And your planting line runs faster with fewer people as plants are simply dropped into the pre-drilled holes.

Engineered for Ellepots™:

The NEW and unique Blackmore Dribbler makes it easy to prepare Ellepots™ for sticking, dibbling or drilling. The sticking head makes a small hole to facilitate insertion of soft cuttings into Ellepots™, if necessary. The dibble drill head makes a larger hole for transplanting from smaller trays and Punch ‘n Gro™ trays such as the 324 or 432 PNG™.

The drilling head makes oversize holes to accommodate Ellepots™ for larger Step-Up sizes such as the 162, or 105. The machine runs on 120 VAC. Changing from the sticking head to the dibble or drill head takes just a minute or two. The machine is engineered to couple with the Blackmore power conveyor, but may be operated without a conveyor as well.

Dribbler - Manual

Dribbler Manual Machine
Manual Dribbler With Wiper

For lower volume producers Blackmore has a newest Dribblert is a manually operated model; a lower cost version of the exclusive Blackmore machine designed to cleanly drill dibble holes in Ellepots, loose-fill trays, baskets, combos or color-bowls so plugs or smaller Ellepots may be quickly and easily planted.

The special drills lift the media from the Ellepot or container and the unique wiper removes the residue “cone” of media. The result is a “clean” dibble hole the correct size and depth so plants are quickly and simply dropped into position at the precise location/spacing required.

Making sure plugs are planted in the correct spot and to the correct depth has never been so easy. Simply drop them in the dribbler holes!