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Exclusive to Blackmore, Punch’n Gro™ Trays permit high speed transplanting. Imagine planting 500+ trays per hour (regardless of tray count) at a fraction of the cost of traditional transplant machines. Small and larger growers are doing this very successfully with the low-cost, high speed Blackmore Puncher/Planter.

The patented Punch'n Gro™ trays work with a variety of finished flat sizes!

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Punch'n Gro™ Equipment

Blackmore Puncher Planter Machine

The Blackmore Puncher/Planter transplants 500+ flats per hour

More than 1,200 sold to small, medium and LARGE greenhouse operations!

NEW Puncher/Planter II version does vegetative material too!

For more information contact a Ball Seed Representative.

Blackmore Power Conveyor Machine

The Blackmore Puncher/Planter Power Conveyor facilitates maximum throughput (500-750+ flats/hr) with Puncher/Planters, using any of the Punch ‘N Gro™ tray series.

Flats are automatically advanced and positioned beneath the puncher. The 7 ft. 2 in. conveyor utilizes only 110VAC so it may be operated almost anywhere. The Puncher/Planter is mounted on the conveyor in minutes, including the time it takes to fit the switches and sensors to the machine which automatically control the advancing and stopping of the belt. The conveyor may also be interfaced with controls on a tray filler to operate it inline as well.

A transplanting line has never been so efficient, so trouble free, or so cost effective! For more information contact usus or a Ball Seed Representative.

Punch'n Gro™ Trays